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Located at the DUO GALLERIA, at the heart of CBD, in the middle of Bugis and Beach Road office hubs, the GONG by Drinks & Co. is the place to be, she offers choices of boutique wines, artisanal spirits, craft ales, and fine food. Pair with great European and Asian food and relax yet smart casual ambience, it is the current place to be seen and be seen.


Our Philosophy

We’re pretty simple people, and so is our philosophy, we believe good produce speaks for itself, and it should not cost the earth.

We buy the finest and freshest ingredients we can find for our dishes, we treat them with the respect they deserve, and serve them generously.

We go direct to source the best wines, beers, and spirits from all across the globe from ethical and responsible producers for you to pair with your meal, and offer you what we feel is a fair price.

So we welcome you to buy a drink, be amongst friends and family. Eat. drink and be happy! This is Drinks & Co. Philosophy.


Our Name

A Gong has long been an important Asian or Eastern musical instrument, it is used by places as an announcement of an event and happenings. It is richly significant when the Gong is being used each time, during the old times, the Gongs were struck to announce when the Emperor or other important political figures arrived. Military leaders also used the Gong to bring gather all their troops together.

We like to use the name of the Gong for attention and bring everyone together. It’s also another opportunity for us to add the Eastern Asian touch into our drinks and food. Be it just Japanese sake or Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee, the Asian vibes will add to our current extensive list of food and beverage. Our mission is to gather all our friends and guests to The Gong and add more Eastern vibes for them to enjoy.


Why Are We Different

Our wide range and choices of beverages and fine food, value for money concept, and simple yet trendy ambience. We sell the experience.


The Shelf – Our Concept

With a wide range of red and white, enjoying wine has never been so easy and inexpensive. Our best wine and best price are all by the bottles, we believe enjoying wine should not be so complicated, our wines are mostly from Australia and New Zealand, we also have collections from USA, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, and others. So check it out and pick up a bottle today.


The Bar – Our Cocktails

Range of cocktails and mocktails, from Singapore Sling to our House favorite, Gong with the Wind or just a G&T or a shot of Japanese whiskey. You decide.


Our Food

We grilled, steamed, fried or simply serve it as it is. Our pizza dough and sauces are home-made. Chef Wan whips out the best in our meat and bite choices. We have tons of food choices, form to share with gluten-free items. Owners’ favorites have to be salt and pepper squid, steamed seafood clams, mushroom pizza, premium Australian burger, and many more.


The Room

We strongly believe, you drink hard, you have to also work hard. The Gong provides a 20 seat The Room for companies and executives who need a space for events, may it a conference call, a morning meeting, product launching, an important presentation or monthly ops meeting with HQ, we have it all with full meeting facilities, whether half or full day.


We also cater to other events inside or outside the Gong, may it a thank you, a team building, farewell, engagement, a birthday, a promotion, or anniversary. Gong is the answer, half-day or full-day, your call.


We do it all, Premier League, F1, Rugby, Grand Slams, watch it live at the Gong. Best gathering for Liverpool and Roger Federer fans.



We invite you to come on down to the Gong, whether its your first time enjoying your wine or a conference call with HQ in an informal environment, maybe your Saturday date or simply chill out with your friends and colleagues. The Gong will provide the experience.





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Opening Hours

Daily: 11am to 12am


Contact Us

 9619 4568



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